Thursday, March 28, 2013

Is Superman's Henry Cavill Gay?

This is a hard one. The reason is because he is obviously straight to the public considering he has had girlfriends. But as we all know, having a girlfriend in Hollywood doesn't mean much. Many gay celebrities have had girlfriends in the past.

Henry Cavill, the new Man of Steel, has had gay rumors for years. The thing is, there is a reason why the rumors started.

Before Henry made it big in Hollywood, many of his friends were gay. Most notably actor Corey Spears. Corey and Henry were good friends back in the days. They would hang out everywhere in Hollywood. According to Corey, Henry is straight and is a good friend of his.


Publicly Henry had said that he is straight but he has alot of gay friends.


Right now, Henry is officially dating actress Gina Carano.

Henry and Gina officially came out as a couple at the Critics' Choice Awards in Santa Monica, CA in 2012.

So for now, we are going to say HENRY CAVILL is straight but gay friendly. (He's possibly bisexual but considering he is the Man of Steel, the producer might want him to stay in the closet.)


  1. there is a gay vibe coming off him, and in a very Matt Bomer's not just the looks but the vibes.just my op.

  2. He is straight as any straight can be IMO. Unless we enter in sexology discussions a la everyone has different degrees of bisexual, only the minorities are completely pure gay and pure straight, and then we will never reach any conclusion, because tags are made to be useless.

  3. Simple reply, he is human.

  4. He's definitely gay. I mean, he's Superman. He has to be IN THE CLOSET.

    How can you explain those pictures of him hanging at gay bars before he became famous? He hung out with gay guys in West Hollywood before he made it in Hollywood.

  5. absolutely absurd how people try to say someone has "a gay vibe". I find statements like that offensive. Stop putting people into groupings, No one is a label.

  6. O Deus.....espero muito que ele seja!!! Nunca vi homem tão perfeito na minha vida...completamente apaixonado por ele.. vem aqui pro Brasil, vem?

  7. Henry being kissed by Corey Spears, his best gay friend:

    Words are useless.

    1. Yeah you forgot to say that this same gay friend stated on his Facebook that henry is straight nice try though

  8. Henry is straight........Every gay man wants every hot actor to be gay, AND they always start rumors that they are. Henry IS NOT, but I must say that I do not like him with Gina Carano. Nothing against her, I just don't see them together. I think Henry needs to find someone that he is head over heels crazy about. Then I would love to see pictures of him showing how much he cares. We see pictures all the time of male celebrities showing their love for their girlfriend/wife. I just don't see any spark or love in all the pictures I have seen. He needs to find true love and have it show in his actions and the way he looks and treats the woman. Just my opinion..............