Saturday, April 13, 2013

Is Justin Timberlake Gay or Straight?

Well, here are some facts.

Justin Timberlake is currently married to actress Jessica Biel.

Justin has said during interviews that he is straight.

Justin said that he has a lot of gay friends.

Justin has said that he supports gay marriage. (On New York legalizing gay marriage: "I was stoked. I mean, I was stoked that that happened. I think it’s just…we’re people and we’re different, all of us. And we should be using our differences to bring ourselves closer together. You know? Not be afraid of something that we don’t know. Like Mila said, and you know, I have a lot of guy friends who are gay. Two of my best friends are a couple, and my conversation with them is, like, it’s unfortunate that things take a while to progress like this, but it was a great, great victory for equality."

In other words, I think he's straight. It's nice that he's so vocal about gay rights.


  1. JT is a closeted gay celebrity. and like any closeted gay guy. they do date and even marry women. but he's afraid of how coming out will efect his career. as it has lance bass.his marriage to biel was just to promote his latest album. he doesn't love her. hell he even cheated on her. but he the best she can get cause she losing her looks.

    1. Hey Harry Mouser, you really should learn proper English, such as spelling, punctuation and grammar. You're an idiot!

    2. You're about as ridiculous as this post. Do you really think Lance Bass wasn't riding hard on JT's coattails? Coming out of the closet was the best thing Lance could do, because he back in the limelight. As for Jennifer Biel, don't hate. And how do you know JT's gay? He could just as well be bi. And Jessica is a natural beauty with a great athletic body.

    3. Hey Anonymous #1, you should really consider that the majority of people who type improper language on the internet are not native speakers. As such, you are more than likely the idiot for knowing only one language and should be congratulating the others for attempting English.
      And Justin is fine.

  2. Omg that is so mean! First off It doesn't matter to me if Justin is straight or gay second I'm sure he lives Jessica and she is not losing her looks! She looks great just stop

  3. Damn. Those Justin shirtless pictures are so hot!!!!! So ripped!

  4. both of you are stupid

  5. everyone, everyone. take a deep breath and calm down. justin is straight, there is nothing to prove that he isnt. is channing tatum, or ryan renolds were joked about being gay, would you believe it? no, just as i suspected. but if he was, don't flip out, he is talented and completely georgeous. but he is straight so chill, little children.

  6. Has anyone seen the movie "leave it on the floor"? In the early episodes/scene,I dunno if the justin they were talking about is still this same JT? Just curious tho

  7. why would it affect hes career badly he is no longer in a boy band...i think if he was gay he would come out...j-z tho sometimes sounds sort of gay, but that's not necessarily a bad thing...he is who he is...he's a n evil mogul using the n word marreid to glorified stripper what do i care...he's still a cute evil mogul except he is getting a bit old and never entered a gym so he is getting that 50 year old's man that never worked out skinny legs thing...still cute tho...sometimes i hate i find these evil moguls that perpetuate the image of a gangsta black man cute like 50 cent and j-z but what can i say they are cute men...

  8. I wish he's gay. I mean, look at that BODY!!!! I want a piece of that!

  9. gayest "straight" guy I know...

  10. Your comments are dumb so not true and very inappropriate! Justin Timberlake is not gay never has been never will be. The couple wouldn't marry each other for fame and cause she lost her looks which is so in true! Nothing about this! He's straight and has gay friend's! He's famous cause of his talent not by him saying he's gay!

  11. Fuck bro all yall should suck my dick

  12. Let's put it this way:
    If all future males were modeled after this guy, there would be no football, no boxing, no lumberjacks, no police officers, no soldiers, no hunters, no weightlifters, no strip clubs, no miners, no bars, no steel workers, no fishermen, no security guards, no construction workers, no race car drivers.. you see where I'm going....
    He's gay gay gay and he knows it.

    1. Obviously you have not cruised tumblr, and are hopelessly ignorant as to what gay types are...If you knew what you were talking about you would realize gay covers the entire spectrum of humanity. The are plenty of gay policeman, soldiers, football and other athletes (do I have to name all?), miners, bartenders, steelworkers, fireman, fisherman, security guards, even Dads, construction workers (YMCA), rockstars, race car drivers, mechanics, and yes even lumberjacks that are every bit and even more masculine than the average Hetero Joe. Wise-up Janet Wiess, and get educated.

  13. during this 2020 world tour, ive been to 4 shows in europe, 3 of them, i was close to the stage, i noticed he often smiled at guys, rarely at females. i've thought he mabe think girls are groupies? i've been to many shows of different bands, solo singers.. they sile at some female or male..but JT mostly ignored females but ive only been to 4 shows. if i was a straight guy (im a woman) and singer i wouldn't smile at guys .

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