Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe Gay or Straight?

Daniel Radcliffe is one of my favorite actors in the world. Why? Because he's a darn good actor and he's very mature for his age. He came out for gay rights when he was still filming for the Harry Potter movies! Most leading man actors would avoid politics when he is the top billing of a huge movie franchise. But Daniel didn't. He managed to be very vocal about gay rights, citing having gay friends and gay relatives as a reason for his fight against homophobia. If I have to say it, Daniel may be one of the gay communities' biggest allies in Hollywood. He's worked with the Trevor's Project to help gay teens who have suicidal tendencies. Watch the video below:

So, on to his sexuality. I think that Daniel Radcliffe is STRAIGHT. Yes. He's straight. Any closeted A-list male actor would not want to be considered a gay activist or gay marriage supporter. Daniel had come out for gay marriage, basically gay rights in general. He is very proud of his activism and is still very active in his activism.

Once again, Daniel Radcliffe is straight. He's answered this question before and we have no reason to doubt him.


  1. Nope he is gay and hes answered this question before and we have no reason to doubt him that he is a fagget.

  2. He's never said he's gay.

    He's straight.

  3. Ele e totalmente homem..... Really nice to know... ;)

  4. He's bi sexual. No straight man would have sex with a guy even if the guy isnt homophobic. Daniel played in a new film where he has sex with a guy. Daniel needs to stop hiding in the closet its soo obvious that he's bi sexual.

  5. lol, so you believe actors can't act? Just because someone plays a gay role does not make them gay!