Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Is Olympic diver Tom Daley Gay or Straight?


Well well well! This is the question every single young woman and young man in the world wants to know! British diver Tom Daley is definitely a very cute hunk and is admired by everyone who has seen him dive. There has been endless speculations about his sexuality.

Is Tom Daley gay? Well, according to Tom himself, he is NOT gay. He is straight. Here is what he said:

"I think it’s funny when people say I’m gay… I laugh it off. I’m not. But even if I was, I wouldn’t be ashamed. It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest what people thought. But I can understand why I have a massive gay following – I spend most of my life half naked in trunks on a diving board showing off my bare chest.I often joke I wear more to bed than I do to work. But I’m cool with my gay following. It’s great to have gay fans even though my friends gently take the mick.”

-Tom Daley

But then there's THIS PICTURE by QUEERTY that was taken in Hollywood. Someone snapped a photo of openly gay Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and Olympic diver Tom Daley leaving The Coffee Bean in Hollywood last week. (SEE THE PICTURE HERE.)

What do you think? Is Tom Daley gay? Bisexual? Or straight?

Tom himself has claimed that he is straight but he seemed very mature about it and he seems to be very proud of his gay fans. He seems to be very gay friendly but I have this feeling that Tom may be bi-curious or bisexual. He's still young so he has a lot of time to find out!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Is Tom Cruise Gay or Straight?

This is a sensitive topic because apparently if you claim Tom Cruise is GAY - then he will sue you!

He has never said anything about "gay people". He's never said anything that can be gay-friendly. I don't think he's said anything homophobic either but his actions indicate that he has a problem with being called gay. So...there's honestly nothing interesting to say here! I honestly don't care if he is gay or not because he's not one of my favorite actors. (Although I admit I have enjoyed some of his movies.)

Anyway, according to Tom Cruise, he is 100% straight. A lot of people think he is gay because of his past lawsuits and his reaction to his gay rumors. I don't know why he's so offended that people think he's gay. There's nothing wrong with being gay. I don't think he's even gay friendly. But maybe this year, he will say something gay friendly to let people know.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Is 'Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson Gay, Bisexual, or Straight?

"The Hunger Games" is a HUGE movie and Josh Hutcherson is one of the stars of the movie. Josh is young, good looking, cute, talented, and gay friendly. Many people are wondering whether he is gay or straight but Josh has the answer!

Josh Hutcherson confessed that he is definitely straight, but he also revealed that he very well might switch teams in the future, and we're not talking about Hunger Games alliances:

"Maybe I could say right now I'm 100 percent straight. But who knows? In a f*cking year, I could meet a guy and be like, 'Whoa, I'm attracted to this person.' I've met guys all the time that I'm like, 'Damn, that's a good-looking guy,' you know? I've never been, like, 'Oh, I want to kiss that guy.' I really love women. But I think defining yourself as 100% anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded." -Josh Hutcherson

In conclusion, Josh Hutcherson is 100% straight but he is open to the idea of falling in love with a man in the future! What a great and open minded guy!